It's all about Jode


Jode Roberts is a Toronto-based writer, visual artist, urban beekeeper, community builder and perpetual schemer.

For more than 15 years, Jode has been painting colourful, textured abstract works on canvas. He has exhibited and sold his paintings at galleries and solo and group shows in Toronto. This year, Jode expects to have a solo exhibition before the end of the year.

Over the past decade, Jode has helped initiate fun community projects, from co-founding musical bike parades and producing pop-up comedy shows to hosting community pizza nights and installing scale solar systems in the city.

Jode has led several work projects for the David Suzuki Foundation, including the Homegrown National Park ProjectButterflyway Project and Got Milkweed campaign. These efforts have received local, national and international media attention and awards, including a Nature Inspiration Award and Vital Ideas Award.  Jode also received the 2015 Pollinator Advocate Award from the North American Pollinator Partnership and a 2016 Vital People Award from the Toronto Community Foundation for innovation and leadership.

To find out what Jode is currently scheming about, join him on TwitterInstagram or Facebook. Or send him an old-fashioned email.